TapinRadio is a versatile internet radio player that opens up a world of audio content to you. Developed by Raimersoft, this handy application allows users to tune in to different radio stations, providing an immersive listening experience. In this guide, we will review the key features of TapinRadio, shed light on its developer, and answer frequently asked questions to enhance your understanding of this streaming radio software.

Key features of TapinRadio

  1. Extensive station database: TapinRadio offers access to an extensive database of radio stations covering a variety of genres and regions, allowing you to find something for every listener.
  2. Easy navigation: The TapinRadio intuitive user interface simplifies navigation, allowing users to easily find and explore radio stations.
  3. Recording capability: Users can record their favorite radio shows or music directly from TapinRadio, allowing them to create a personal library of audio content.
  4. Scheduled Recording: The application supports scheduled recording, allowing users to record certain shows at predetermined times.
  5. Station Updates: TapinRadio regularly updates its station database, giving users access to the latest and most relevant radio content.
  6. Favorites and Presets: Users can create a list of favorite stations and set presets for quick access to their favorite channels.
  7. Sleep Timer: The built-in sleep timer allows users to set the time for the radio to automatically turn off, providing a convenient way to fall asleep to your favorite tunes.


TapinRadio, created by Raimersoft, is a gateway to the diverse world of Internet radio. With its intuitive interface, extensive station database and recording capabilities, this app is suitable for casual listeners and avid radio enthusiasts alike. As you begin your streaming radio journey with TapinRadio, you are in the hands of a developer committed to providing a seamless and enjoyable audio experience.